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Dive Sites  Africa

Dive Sites In Africa

In this part of Scuba Diving Point we have gathered information about the many dive sites found in Africa. Africa is the world's second-largest continent and the different regions offers very diverse dive sites. The African continent borders to the Pacific Ocean to the East, the Atlantic to the west, the Mediterranean Sea to the north and the Red Sea at the Isthmus of Suez. The African coastline is approximately 26,000 km (16,100 miles) long and have very few deep indentations compared to the European coastline. Europe has less than a third of the surface area of the African continent, but still has a 32,000 km (19,800 miles) long coastline. 

In addition to marine dive sites, the dive destinations in Africa include plenty of fascinating fresh water dive sites in rivers and lakes. You can for instance go scuba diving in the African Rift Valley region many of the lakes are famous for each having their own rich endemic flora and fauna. The Rift Valley lake group includes large lakes such as Lake Malawi, Lake Tanganyika and Lake Victoria.

The Red Sea is a very popular destination among scuba divers. Five different African countries share the elongated coastline of the Red Sea: Egypt, Sudan, Eritrea, Djibouti and Somalia. The Red Sea is famous for its unique flora and fauna and its remarkable underwater visibility. Popular dive destinations off the coast of Egypt include SS Thistlegorm, Elphinstone and Rocky Island. There is a big marine sanctuary named Ras Mohammed at the southern tip of the Sinai Peninsula. The dive sites outside Egypt are still quite unknown but definitely worth a visit. Off the coast of Sudan you will for instance find great dive sites like Abington, Angarosh, Sanganeb and Shaab Rumi. 

The Red Sea dive sites off the African coast offers nice temperatures year round, but for those who really crave high temperatures the summer season is recommended since the period between July and September offers an average water temperature of 27° C (81° F). The coldest month of the year is February when the average water temperature is no higher than 20° C (68° F).

In addition to Egypt, South Africa is one of the most frequently visited African countries when it comes to scuba diving. Since South Africa is located at the southernmost tip of the African continent, you can enjoy Atlantic dive sites as well as sites located in the Indian Ocean. Cape of Good Hope has always been extremely dangerous for sea fearers and you can explore wrecks from various historical epochs.

Madagascar is a large island located east of the African continent in the Indian Ocean. It is famous for its rich animal life, but is still a comparatively unknown part of the world – especially under water. In 2002, National Geographic reported how a one month long marine survey had managed to double the number of corals known to exist in the waters around Madagascar. Several new species of fish were also found. Popular dive sites around Madagascar include bay, The Mummy, Four Brothers and The Organ.  

Sudan Dive Sites:

The Blue Belt Wreck

Jordania Dive Sites:

Cedar Pride Wreck

Egypt Dive Sites:

Abu Hilal / Small Canyon, Dive Site
Abu Tinun, Dive site
Anemone City , Dive site
Beacon Rock Dive Site/ Dunraven Wreck
Beit Goha Dive site
Blue Hole, Dive Site
Bluff Point Dive Site
Carless (Careless) Reef Dive Site
Coral Garden / Hushasha, Dive site
Daedelus Reef Dive site
Eel Garden, Dive Site
El Kaf Dive site
Elphinstone Reef Dive site
End of the Road Reef, Dive Site
Erg Abu Ramada Dive Site
Far Garden, Dive site
Fisherman's Bank (Jackfish Alley / Stingray Alley), Dive site
Flasher Reef, Dive site
Gabr El Bint, Dive Site
Giftun Seghir Dive Site
Gordon Reef, Dive site
Green Hole Dive site
Jackson Reef, Dive site
Kilo 15 South Dive site
Kilo 37 North Dive site
Koshkasha, Dive site
Lighthouse, Dive Site
Maklouf Dive site
Mangrove Bay Dive site
Nabeq, Dive Site
Near Garden, Dive site
Over the Hill / Ras Atantur Bay, Dive Site
Paradise / Fiasco, Dive site
Pinky's Wall, Dive site
Ras Nasrani (Raz Nasrani), Dive site
Ras Um Sid, Dive site
Ras Za'atir (Ras Atar), Dive site
Rocky Island: East Coast Dive site
Rocky Island: North Coast Dive site
Rocky Island: South Coast Dive site
Safaga 1 / Kilo 32 North Dive site
Sataya / Dolphin Reef Dive site
Shaab Abu Ramada / The Aquarium Dive Site
Shaab Sharm Dive site
Shaab Umm Qamar Dive Site
Shag Rock Dive Site
Shark Bay , Dive site
Shark Observatory, Dive site
Sheikh Maalek Dive site
Sinafar Island, Dive site
Sirena Beach Dive site
Siyul Kebira Dive site
Siyul Seghira Dive site
The Alternatives / Stingray Station Dive Site
The Bells, Dive Site
The Brothers: Big Brother Dive site
The Brothers: Little Brother Dive site
The Canyon, Dive Site
The Carnatic Wreck
The Caves, Dive Site
The Chrisoula K Wreck
The Giannis D Wreck
The Islands, Dive Site
The Small Crack Dive Site
The Temple, Dive site
Thomas Reef , Dive site
Tower, Dive site
Turtle Bay, Dive site
Umm Qamar Dive Site
Umm Usk Dive Site
White Knight, Dive site
Woodhouse Reef, Dive site
Zabargad Dive site

Dive Sites Africa