Scuba Diving in Thailand
Scuba Diving Thailand

Scuba Diving in Thailand

Thailand is a wonderful country with some excellent diving.

Thailand scuba diving offers diverse undersea experiences along with an unbelievable amount of top dive sites. It is nothing less then an exotic and magical paradise. Warm clear water, a wonderland of tropical creatures, lush vegetation, spectacular scenery, fabulous Thai food. You also find commendations in all price classes and for all tastes.

At Wets coast Dives you find all type on sites to scuba dive in safe conditions. And the people that works here as dive masters and instructors have a unique local knowledge above and below the water will guide you in uncompromising safety standards and allow you to see the best underwater sites available in Thailand.
You’ll have the opportunity to take a number of scuba diving courses in Thailand, Padi open water course, advanced open water, rescue diver, dive master, instructor, technical dives, beginner or certified diver courses.

The West of Thailand is Andaman Sea, and to the East the Gulf of Thailand. The best diving is on the Andaman Sea side, both in the South and further North in the Similan Island.

The best time to visit Thailand is from October to April. Heavy rainfall hits the Andaman coast in May and continues until September. From May to October, therefore, the Gulf of Thailand to the East would be a better option. The best diving on this side is around Koh Tao.

The professionals are strongly recommending Similan Islands including Richelieu Rock and the southern islands of Hin Daeng, Hin Muang and Phi – Phi Islands.

In Burma, about 300 km north-west of Phuket lie the relatively unexplored Merqui Archipelago and the Burma Banks, a group of underwater mountains rising from depths of over 300 meters to just below the surface. The thrill of close encounters with silver tip & nurse shark as well as large schools of pelagic fish have made this a world famous dive site that can be well worth the extra trip outside Thailand..

Thailand has very clear waters and an average sea temperature of 28 0 C.

Thailand has a number of good deep sea dives, and you can dive with mantas and whale sharks, from south Andaman to the Similans.

The tsunami that recently struck Thailand cleaned the reefs but left them more or untouched. This means that you know can find the beaches clean and deserted and the marine life more bountiful then in a long time. The lower number of divers also means that the tsunami has left Thailand as a wonderful scuba dive location.

The Scuba diving in Thailand has developed a long way since it first a starts in the 1970’s and is today equally to any other in the world with regards to safety and comfort.

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Scuba Diving in Thailand