Monte's Divi Dive site
 Monte's Divi Dive site

Monte's Divi Dive site

A guide to scuba diving at Monte's Divi

Dive site: Monte's Divi

Location: Bonaire, Klein Bonaire

Dive type: Boat dive, reef dive

Skill level: Beginner

Visibility: Monte's Divi usually offers a visibility around 100 ft / 30 m. Chances are however high that you will be able to experience even better visibility at Monte's Divi. Under water visibility around 150 ft / 55 m is not rare at this dive site.

Depth: Monte's Divi begins at 15 ft / 4.6 m and reaches down to 100 ft / 30 m.

Water temperature: The water temperatures at Monte's Divi are pleasant year round and normally stays in the 78 - 84° F / 26 - 29° C spectrum.

Dive site information: The name Monte's Divi is related to the solitary divi divi tree that stands alone on the shore, directly opposite of the mooring site. Monte's Divi is a good reef dive for scuba diving novices, since it starts quite shallow and currents are mild.

Marine life: At Monte's Divi you can encounter sea horses among all the usual reef fishes. The coral growth is diverse, and includes big stands of elk horn coral in the more shallow parts of Monte's Divi.

Monte's Divi Dive site