No Name Beach Dive site
No Name Beach Dive site

No Name Beach Dive site

A guide to scuba diving at No Name Beach

Dive site: No Name

Location: Bonaire, Klein Bonaire

Dive type: Boat dive

Skill level: Beginner

Visibility: A visibility up to 150 ft / 55 m is not unusual at No Name, and the average visibility exceeds 100 ft / 30 m.

Depth: The depth at No Name ranges from 30 to 100 ft / 12 to 30 m.

Water temperature: The water temperatures at No Name are commonly between 78 and 84° F /26 and 29° C.

Dive site information: The No Name dive site is situated right in front of the No Name Beach on Klein Bonaire’s northern coast. Currents are mild.

Marine life: Coral life at No Name is sparse compared to other Bonaire dive sites. This dive site is instead popular because of its sandy bottom filled with rays and large school masters.

No Name Beach Dive site