Sharon's Serenity Dive site
Sharon's Serenity  Dive site

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Sharon's Serenity Dive site

A guide to scuba diving at Sharon's Serenity

Dive site: Sharon's Serenity

Location: Bonaire, Klein Bonaire

Dive type: Boat dive, reef dive

Skill level: Beginner

Visibility: Sharon's Serenity has an average visibility of 100 ft / 30 m, but frequently boasts a visibility up to 150 ft / 55 m.

Depth: The depth range at Sharon's Serenity is 20 to 100 ft / 6 to 30 m.

Water temperature: The water around Sharon's Serenity offers pleasurable temperatures for scuba diving 12 months a year, and commonly stay around 78 - 84° F / 26 - 29° C.

Dive site information: Sharon's Serenity is found on the southwest corner of Klein Bonaire and the area is popular among scuba divers as well as snorkelers. The mooring is placed quite close to the shore. Currents are moderate.

Marine life: Sharon's Serenity is a vibrant dive site and points of interest include giant grouper fish, stag horn corals, large elk horn corals and many types of astonishing soft coral species. If you perform a night dive at Sharon's Serenity you will see the shimmering basket star fish.

Sharon's Serenity Dive site