South Bay Dive site
South Bay  Dive site

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South Bay Dive site

A guide to scuba diving at South Bay

Dive site: South Bay

Location: Bonaire, Klein Bonaire

Dive type: Boat dive, reef dive

Skill level: Beginner

Visibility: The average visibility at South Bay is 100 ft / 30 m, but under water visibility up to 150 ft / 55 m is not unusual at this dive site.

Depth: South Bay is a 30 – 100 feet / 9 - 30 meter dive site.

Water temperature: The water temperatures at South Bay is usually around 78 - 84° F / 26 - 29° C, providing warm waters for scuba diving year round.

Dive site information: South Bay is, as the name suggests, found south of Klein Bonaire in a small bay. Currents are mild to medium strong along the reef, and South Bay is popular among beginner scuba divers as well as more experienced ones.

Marine life: Coral growth is good and South Bay is home to many reef fish species. You can expect to encounter all the common fish species, including big groupers, parrotfish, chromis and yellowtail snapper. Points of interest at South Bay include several kinds of grouper species and schools of horse-eye jacks.

South Bay Dive site