Scuba Diving Cancún
scuba diving Cancún

Scuba Diving Cancún

The myriad of islands located in what used to be known as buccaneer country, the Caribbean Sea offers some of the best diving found on this planet. The area lure dreamers, water sport enthusiasts and tourists who come to enjoy the beautiful environment these islands an offer. The Caribbean Islands gives you the opportunity to combine adventures with days and days of simple joys such as enjoying the Caribbean sun while enjoying Caribbean rum based drinks. Other recommended pastimes include playing beach volleyball, taking a tour into the Caribbean wilderness, renting a boat, enjoying romantic sunsets on a secluded cliff, exploring the many historical buildings and expand your knowledge about this areas rich history – a history that includes native cultures and more well know parts of the history as the age of the pirate buccaneers. Tourist from the US, Europe and the rest of the world consider, Cancún as a place for a romantic vacation as well as for reloading your batteries and leaving all stressful thoughts behind.

Cancún is a good Caribbean destination for scuba divers. Cancún is sited in the Caribbean’s and surrounded by more than 7,000 islands, caves, islets, and reefs. Cancún is located in the West Indies, a name that Christopher Columbus gave the area since he thought he reached Asia when he first sat foot in the Caribbean after crossing the Atlantic Ocean on his way from Europe.

Cancún is offering scuba divers clear waters and outstanding visibility that is enjoyed by snorkelers and people that enjoy under water photography. The salinity around Cancún is lower than the salinity in the Atlantic and the waters around Cancún have a very low tidal range. Cancún water temperatures are always enjoyable and average at 75°F / 24°C, which makes Cancún a perfect dive destination. The Caribbean Sea was in the past famous for piracy and scuba divers can enjoy a large quantity of wrecks. Scuba divers how make long dives favour the use of full wetsuits during the period from December to March when the water is colder, while a half wetsuit is enough during the rest of the year.In the summer time, from the start of May to the end of October, you can scuba dive without any suit since the water temperature has risen to very enjoyable levels. The current moves counter-clockwise in the area around Cancún. Water enters the Caribbean Sea via the Lesser Antilles, The Caribbean sun warms the water. The Yucatan Channel then serves as the outlet for the water to leave the Caribbean Sea where it turns into the Gulf Stream.

The creation of the Caribbean archipelago were dramatic and prehistoric volcanic activity created the islands, when lava spewed up from the centre of the earth hardened after contact with the colder water. The coral reefs around the coast have been created by generations of calcium carbonated based corals. A coral needs a suitable surface to attach it self on, the lava stone around Cancún is perfect for this purpose. Corals reefs are built by the fact that new corals lives on the skeletons of earlier generations, this means that as on coral polyp dies its skeleton is used by other coral polyps to attach them selves on and this is how coral reefs grows. Coral reefs develop best in warm waters such as the water in the Caribbean Sea. Cancún offers perfect living conditions for corals, because of the clear water. The Caribbean weather combined with clear water allows the corals to get all the sun light they require and the energy is used by the corals to grow. Coral in them selves can not feed on sunlight, instead they form relationship with microscopic algae capable of photosynthesis which transform the sunlight to energy for the coral. This is just one example of the complexity that is everyday life on the reef. The water around Cancún are bustling with marine life. The water allows you to dive with an abundance of fish and a wide variety of soft corals. You might also be lucky enough to meat other larger marine life, such as whale sharks.

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Scuba Diving In Cancún