Dive Sites Caribbean
Dive Sites Caribbean

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Dive Sites In The Caribbean

In this part of Scuba Diving Point we have gathered information about Caribbean dive sites. The Caribbean Sea is famous for its great scuba diving, since it offers warm water temperatures year round, clear water and a fascinating flora and fauna set in an intriguing underwater landscape. There are also plenty of ship wrecks resting in the Caribbean waters for scuba divers to explore.

If you decide to go to Cuba during your scuba diving vacation, you can for instance go scuba diving at Maria La Gorda. The area contains 39 recognized dive sites and is situated at the western tip of the Guanahacabibes Peninsula. The entire region has been declared a biosphere reserve by UNESCO (United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization). Two examples of great dive sites in this region are Valle de Coral Negro where you can enjoy a coral wall that extends for over 100 metres, and Salon de Maria which is an 18 metres deep cave decorated with beautiful corals.

Jamaica is another popular destination for scuba divers. Examples of popular Jamaican dive sites are Widowmakers cave, The Point, Chub Reef, Rose Hall Reef and Jet Ski Reef. Widowmakers cave derives its name from a cave mentioned in the novel “Go to the widowmake” by James Jones. At a depth of approximately 12 meters (40 feet) a wall will start, and at a depth of 24 metres (80 feet) you will see the entrance to the actual cave. The entrance is in the form of tunnel that eventually opens in a small cavern. Inside Widowmakers cave you can encounter shoaling Glassy sweepers and see deep water gorgonians, black coral and thriving sponges.You exit the cave via a chimney and reach a shallow reef. It is also possible to enter the cave via the chimney and exit through the tunnel 24 metres (80 feet) down.

Grenada and nearby Carriacou are really small islands compared to Cuba and Jamaica, but they still offers a wide range of outstanding dive sites. This is for instance where you will find the largest known wreck in the Caribbean Sea, the Bianca C. Bianca C is a 600 foot cruise line that sunk due to a fire that had broken out in the engine room. On October 22, 1961, this 18,000 ton ship sank in St. George’s bay and 400 passengers and 200 crew members ended up on Grenada. Except for the two members of the crew that was killed by the explosion in the engine room, everyone was rescued in time. The dept range for this dive site is 90-160 feet (27-49 metres), so deep dive certification is recommended. Nitrox courses are being held at Bianca C for those who wish to be able to stay down longer and/or go deeper and penetrate the wreck. Wreck diving certification is naturally necessary in addition to the Nitrox course if you want to safely explore the inside of Bianca C. One of the most popular areas of the wreck is the swimming pool.

Dive sites in Bonaire:

Bonadventure, Dive Site
Captain Don's Reef, Dive Site
Carl's Hill Annex / Yellow Man, Dive Site
Carl's Hill, Dive Site
Ebo's Reef, Dive site
Ebo's Special / Jerry's Jam, Dive Site
Hands Off , Dive Site
Jerry's Reef, Dive Site
Joanne's Sunchi, Dive Site
Just A Nice Dive, Dive Site
Leonora's Reef, Dive Site
Mi Dushi, Dive Site
Monte's Divi, Dive Site
Munk’s haven, Dive site
Nearest Point, Dive Site
No Name Beach, Dive Site
Rock Pile, Dive Site
Sampler, Dive site
Sharon's Serenity, Dive Site
South Bay, Dive Site
Southwest Corner, Dive site
The Forest, Dive site
Valerie's Hill, Dive Site

Dive Sites Caribbean