Cedar Pride Wreck Dive site
Cedar Pride Wreck Dive site

Cedar Pride Wreck Dive site

A guide to scuba diving at Cedar Pride Wreck

Dive site: Cedar Pride Wreck

Location: Jordania

Dive type: Wreck dive, Boat or shore dive

Skill level: Beginner

visibility: The visibility at the Cedar Pride wreck is usually 20-25 m / 65-82 feet

depth: The depth around the Cedar Pride wreck varies from 10-28 m / 32-92 feet

Water temperature:

Dive site information: The Cedar Pride wreck is a wreck of a Lebanese registered general cargo ship that was built in 1964 and sunk November 16th 1985. The ship is resting on the bottom a mere 150 m / 500 feet from the shore. The ship remained largely intact: The relative shallow depth this ship is located on and the short distance to the shore makes this one of the best wreck dives that can be found anywhere.

Marine life: The Cedar Pride dive is first and foremost a wreck dive however the dive features a lot of beautiful soft corals. There is also a large number of fishes that can be seen around the wreck.

Cedar Pride Wreck Dive site