Molokini Dive site
Molokini Dive site

Molokini Dive site

A guide to scuba diving in Molokini

Dive site: Molokini

Location: Maui

Dive type: Boat dive, naturalist dive

Skill level: Beginner

visibility: The visibility at Molokini is usually very good and allows you to se up to 60 m / 200 feet.

depth: The dept in the Molokini crater varies from 3 - 107 m / 10 - 350 feet.

Water temperature: the water temperature at Molokini is usually 22-30 °C / 72-85 ° F.

Dive site information: Molokini is a crater that offers a number of different dive locations. The crater is a marine reserve and offers a very rich marine wildlife. The crater is located three miles of the coast of Maui and the island of Makena.

Marine life: Molokini features a rich marine life for scuba divers to enjoy. You can enjoy a variety of sharks as the White Tip Reef sharks that are very common in the area to the more unusual grey sharks. Scuba divers also often get to se dolphins and Molokini is a very good spot to manta rays that are common in the area. Other usual encounters includes eels, damsel fish, pennent fish, blue stripped snappers. You can also se a large number of antler corals in the area.

One of the most exclusive encounters are however made during the winter when divers in Molokini are almost guarantied to get to se humpback whales who send their winters in the warm waters around Hawaii and in Molokini in particular.

Molokini Dive site