Choosing A scuba diving school
Choosing A scuba diving school

Choosing A scuba diving school

One third of the Earth's surface is under water. The marine life is an attractive exciting world, that although that we learned a lot about it in the last 100 years is almost unexplored. One way to take part in the exploration of this world is to become a diver.

When you are ready to start to become a diver, you must get certified trough a reputable program the largest organizations that offers courses and that have international recognition are PADI and NAUI. Most Dive schools offers PADI or/and NAUI certifications.

There are also a number of other smaller certification agencies like the Scuba Schools International, YMCA, PDIC. You must compare the different schools and the value of their certificates before deciding which one to use. I would strongly recommend that you use a PADI or NAUI schools since those certificates are more widely recognized. PADI might be the best choices since most dive companies around the world recognized PADI certificates.

A very important part of using a dive schools is finding an instructor you feel comfortable with and that you trust since Scuba Diving can be a dangerous sport, especially while you are learning and if you don’t trust the instructor’s instructions. However with training and knowledge the risk associated with diving becomes much smaller. Good training is also necessary to feel secure under water and to enjoy your experience.

The instructor should give you the knowledge you need in a long row of different areas such as diving gear, how to manage the emergency situations, the legal conditions, how to work in team, how to prepare for a dive and much, much more

The course length might differ and is up to our instructor. The length of the course is not important but rather what you will learn during the course. Courses may take anything from 3 days to a week or two or even longer if it is divided over a longer time period. During the course you will be forced to prove what you learned by taking theoretical and practical tests.

The price for a beginners Scuba Diving course can differ greatly but can be found from 150-200$. What’s included in this price differs also greatly and the price might include books, tables, notes, videos, CDs. However the price to usually include rental Scuba diving equipment and access to the books you need. This means that you don’t have buy your own Scuba Diving gear/ equipment just for taking the course and can find out how much you like to dive before you decide whether to have your own equipment or not. If you choice to buy your own Scuba diving equipment be sure to buy what you need.

You can also se which other educations your Diving schools offers when choosing a Dive school. A school that are certified to issue a lot of other certificates such as wreck diving, deep diving, and higher certificates such as dive master and instructor usually have more competent instructors.

Make sure that you find out which our options are and what the best choice is for you before committing to any particular diving schools. And don’t be afraid to discuss the price. You can usually get a little lower price or a bonus included in the price if you ask.

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Choosing A scuba diving school