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In this section of Scuba Diving Point we have gathered information about the many scuba dive sites located in the USA. We have however chosen to place all the Mexican dive sites in the category called “Scuba diving in Central America”, regardless of whether they are located south or north of the Isthmus of Tehuantepec. 

Many of the most famous North American dive sites are located in warm regions of the USA where you can enjoy comparatively high water temperatures year round. The sun lover can for instance go to Hawaii, Florida or California. the USA does however have much more to offer the scuba diver than these world famous tourist destinations. The adventurous scuba diver can for instance go ice diving in Alaska. If you love warm water but want to stay away from the most crowded vacation spots, why not head for Northern Carolina on the Atlantic side of the United States? In addition to scuba diving in the Atlantic and Pacific Ocean, the North American continent also offers some outstanding scuba diving in freshwater lakes and river systems. In this section of Scuba Diving Spot we will of course include lots of information about all the really popular dive sites in the USA, but we will also strive to highlight plenty of the great, but less frequented, dive sites too. 

As mentioned above, Alaska is a suitable destination for the bold and experienced ice diver. Alaska does however also offer normal, ice-free scuba diving during the warm season. Even during the summer, a 5 mm or 7 mm wetsuit with hood and gloves is a good idea. If you are prepared to venture into the cold waters of Alaska, you will be reworded with a unique underwater experience that differs a lot from the tropical or subtropical dive sites you might have explored before. The visibility is usually outstanding, and the Lynn Canal is only one of many Alaskan dive destinations where you can expect the underwater visibility to be up to 100 feet (30 metres) or more. The Alaskan waters are high in oxygen and nutrients, but still crystal clear. While scuba diving in Alaska, you can for instance encounter Stellar Sea Lions, really huge octopuses and Ling cods. Many scuba divers come to Alaska to enjoy some fishing. Catching Dungeness crab and scallops is allowed year round, but if you are not an Alaskan resident you need to get a fishing license. If you contact a dive operator in advance they will most likely take care of it for you. You can also visit the appropriate authority on your own and arrange the fishing license without involving any dive operator.

The Lynn Canal in Alaska is famous not only for its marine life, but for well preserved wrecks as well, such as Clara Nevada, State of California, Princess Kathleen and Princess Sophia. The stern of Princess Sophia is situated at a depth of 120 feet (37 metres) and should only be accessed by scuba divers that have passed a deep dive course. The upper end of the wreck is however more conveniently located at a depth of no more than 65 feet (20 metres). The area around Princess Sophia offers a great opportunity for spear fishing, especially if you want to catch some Pacific cod or Sea bass.

Dive Sites usa