Dive Sites Bonaire
Dive Sites  Bonaire

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Dive Sites In Bonaire

In this section of Scuba Diving Point we have gathered information about the Bonaire dive sites. Bonaire is renowned for having a large number of highly regarded dive sites and Bonaire's license plates actually carry the text “Diver's Paradise”. You can reach Bonaire by plane or boat. The island is served by the Flamingo International Airport. Bonaire does not only attract sunbathers and scuba divers, it is also a dream destination for many windsurfers. The eastern side of the island is renowned for being a windsurfer's paradise.  
Bonaire is one of the islands in the Netherlands Antilles and it is still considered a part of the Netherlands. Bonaire is sometimes referred to as one of the ABC-islands, where the A stands for Aruba and the C for Curaçao. The official language on Bonaire is Dutch, but English, Spanish and Papiamento are also widely spoken. The currency used in the Netherlands Antilles is called the Netherlands Antillean Florin (sometimes referred to as the Netherlands Antillean Florin). Most places that cater for tourists, such as dive operators, will however accept U.S. dollars, at least as long as you do not offer bills larger than $20. The major credit cards are also widely accepted.

Bonaire is famous for offering excellent scuba diving and this comparatively small island is surrounded by a large number of appealing dive sites. The land area comprises no more than 288 square kilometres (111 square miles) and the population consists of less than 11,000 inhabitants. The entire Bonaire coastline is today a marine sanctuary. From the western and southern sides of Bonaire it is easy for scuba divers to access a large coral reef. Near Bonaire you will find a smaller, uninhabited, island named Klein Bonaire. This island is also surrounded by great dive sites and the coral reef around Klein Bonaire is in remarkably good condition.

Examples of popular Bonaire dive sites are Wayaca, Lighthouse Point and Vista Blue for advanced scuba divers, and Bise Morto, Karpata and North Belnem that are suitable for beginner divers and snorklers. Around Klein Bonaire, you will for instance find Munk's Haven, Southwest Corner and Sharon's Serenity. Sharon's Serenity is situated at the southwestern side of Klein Bonaire and is visited by both snorkelers and scuba divers. This dive site is a suitable destination for the coral enthusiast since you will see a wide range of good looking corals here. The Elk horn and Staghorn corals are in especially great shape. Sharon's Serenity is a popular site for night dives partially due to a large population of Basket star fish. The depth range is 20-100 feet (6-30 meters).

The water temperature in the Bonaire water average at 78-84° F (26-29° C) and the average underwater visibility exceeds 100 feet (30m). It is not uncommon for the visibility to be considerably higher at times, peaking at an astonishing 150 feet (50m).

If anything goes wrong during a dive, it is ensuring to know that Bonaire is equipped with its own recompression chamber and treatment for decompression sickness can commence without having to transport the patient to the mainland. The recompression chamber can be found at the San Francisco Hospital Emergency Room.

Dive Sites Bonaire