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Welcome to Scuba Diving Point!

We created Scuba Diving Point in 2004 as an information centre for scuba divers form all over the world, and Scuba Diving Point is gradually growing into a handy resource for every scuba diver regardless of whether you are considering participating in your first scuba diving class or is a highly experienced professional scuba diving enthusiast; a young scuba girl or a 75 year old scuba grandfather. We strive to continuously increase our articles library with more informative articles regarding various scuba diving related topics that will make your future scuba dive adventures even more enjoyable, captivating and safe.

A big part of our articles library is devoted to information about different dive sites and popular destinations for the scuba diving vacation. In addition to information about various scuba diving destinations, we also have special sections in the scuba dive library for articles regarding scuba diving specialities, professional diving, the novice scuba diver, scuba gear and underwater photography and filming.

Scuba diving destinations

The world is filled with great scuba diving destinations. Many of us start scuba diving in our local area and then gradually venture into the world of global scuba diving trips. Others decide to combine a sunny holiday with a scuba diving trip and obtain their scuba certification during a scuba vacation.

By learning more about the various scuba diving destinations, it will be much easier for you to arrange the perfect scuba vacation and find dive spots suitable for your level of experience, individual interests and personal preferences to enjoy during your scuba diving travels. The scuba diving destinations here at Scuba Diving Point are arranged into nine broad categories depending on geographical location: Scuba diving in North America, Scuba diving in Hawaii, Scuba diving in the Caribbean, Scuba diving in Central America, Scuba diving in South America, Scuba diving in Europe, Scuba diving in Africa, Scuba diving in Asia and Scuba diving in Australia.

The novice scuba diver

In this section of Scuba Diving point, the novice or soon-to-be scuba diver can find a broad collection of articles about the basics of scuba diving, safety measures, environmental concerns, a beginners guide to purchasing scuba diving gear, how to choose a good dive school, basic scuba physics, chemistry and biology and much more. Hopefully, our articles will inspire the prospective scuba diver to take the leap and venture into the blue, while the beginner scuba diver will learn plenty of interesting facts and share tips that will make his or her scuba diving expeditions safer as well as more enjoyable.  

Scuba diving specialities

In this section we have gathered articles regarding scuba diving specialities, such as shark diving, wreck diving, deep diving and similar activities. Such scuba diving trips will typically call for special training and frequently also require special scuba equipment. Even if you are an experienced scuba diver, it can be very perilous to engage in certain underwater activities without first receiving the proper education. This is for instance true for wreck diving and deep diving. In other situations, you do not need special certification since the scuba diving arranger will provide you with a guide and necessary scuba diving gear. This is for instance the case for most shark diving trips; there are no special “shark diving certification” to be obtained. If you want increase the chance of encountering sharks during your dive, the recommended method is to find a reputable dive trip arranger with plenty of shark diving experience that will organize a safe dive for you.

Scuba diving equipment

Is scuba diving an expensive hobby? The answer to this question is yes, it can be an extremely expensive hobby and it is possible to literary splash out thousands of dollars on scuba diving gear each year. It is however also possible to keep the purchases down to a bear minimum, choose scuba gear wisely and keep your old scuba equipment in great condition year after year. For the beginner scuba diver, borrowing or renting scuba diving gear is a good idea since this will allow you to gradually realise what you need and which type of scuba gear that is best for you.

In this section of Scuba Diving Point, we have placed all the articles regarding various scuba diving equipment, the pros and cons of different types of scuba gear, how to purchase high-quality scuba equipment and so on. Since the opinions regarding scuba diving equipment varies from diver to diver, we aim to include several different views that will make it easier for you to make an informed decision when selecting scuba gear. It is also important to keep in mind that a regulator that is great for your friend might be highly unsuitable for you, a mask design that is ideal for your dive instructor might be very impractical for the student and so on. Historically, most scuba divers have been male, but today increasing numbers of women enters the hobby each year. Several manufacturers of scuba equipment have therefore started to produce scuba gear especially for the scuba girl. 

Underwater photography and filming

Many scuba divers love underwater photography and filming, and for good reasons. Filming or photographing your underwater experiences is a way of sharing your explorations with others as well as making it possible for you to relive that wonderful feeling of amazement and joy over and over again. Underwater cameras and camera housings are constantly evolving and choosing the proper scuba diving equipment for underwater filming and photography can feel like an arduous task. The right handling of various photo scuba gear in the water can also prove difficult, since underwater photography differs quite a lot from standard photography and filming on land. In this section of the articles library we have therefore tried to gather as much information as possible regarding underwater photography and filming. Hopefully, it will help you select the right equipment and produce great underwater pictures and films during your next scuba diving trip. Film cameras especially made for underwater adventures are usually quite expensive, so renting a film camera is usually a more feasible solution for most beginner underwater filmmakers.


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