Dive Sites Egypt
Dive Sites Egypt

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Dive Sites In Egypt

In this category we have placed all the articles regarding the many Egyptian dive sites. A vast majority of the scuba diving in Egypt takes place in the Red Sea, a body of water famous for its remarkable underwater visibility and rich profusion of marine species. Egypt also borders to the Mediterranean Sea, but scuba diving off the Mediterranean coast is much less common than Red Sea diving during scuba diving vacations to Egypt.

The water of the Red Sea is not red. According to one of the most popular theories the name is instead derived from the seasonal blooms of a certain red cyanobacteria named Trichodesmium erythraeum. Other theories suggests that the name could be referring to the mineral-rich red mountains that can be found near the water, that the name is connected to the Hebrew name for the red-faced biblical character Esau, that the name Red Sea originated as a mistranslation where the Hebrew name Sea of Reeds were changed into the Red Sea, or that the name comes from a local ethnic group called Himarites whose name means red. Red can also refer to the geographical direction south.     

The dive sites in Egypt can be visited year round, but the most popular season is between July and September since this period offers the highest water temperatures. In September, you can expect an average temperature of 81° F (27° C). If you instead arrive in February during the low season, the average water temperature will be around 68° F (20° C). Keep in mind that the air temperature can be very high during the summer season and heat peaks where the air temperature reaches 104° F (40° C) or more in August are not uncommon. The winter season offers a milder climate and the air temperature average 68° F (20° C). If you decide to visit the dive sites in Egypt between November and April a 3 mm or 5 mm wetsuit is recommended. 

The most popular dive destinations in Egypt are Hurghada, Sharm El Sheikh, Dahab, Marsa Alam and Nuweiba/Taba since these coastal cities are surrounded by many interesting dive sites. Shore based dives as well as boat dives are common. You can stay in a hotel on land or book a trip on a live aboard boat. Examples of popular dive sites near Hurghada are the wreck of Thistlegorm, the reef at Bluff Point and the Stingray Station off western Ras Muhammad. Thistlegorm became famous during the 1950s when Jacques Cousteau mentioned it in his Red Sea book. The exact location of the wreck did however remain unknown until 1992 when it was rediscovered by a group of divers. The reef at Bluff Point consists of a steep wall decorated with excellent hard and soft coral growth. The reef features a richness of caves and crevices and plenty of cliff-like sections. Stingray Station is famous for its Bluespotted and Blackspotted stingrays, but you may also encounter Leopard sharks, White tip sharks and Gray reef sharks at this dive site.

Egypt Dive Sites:

Abu Hilal / Small Canyon, Dive Site
Abu Tinun, Dive site
Anemone City , Dive site
Beacon Rock Dive Site/ Dunraven Wreck
Beit Goha Dive site
Blue Hole, Dive Site
Bluff Point Dive Site
Carless (Careless) Reef Dive Site
Coral Garden / Hushasha, Dive site
Daedelus Reef Dive site
Eel Garden, Dive Site
El Kaf Dive site
Elphinstone Reef Dive site
End of the Road Reef, Dive Site
Erg Abu Ramada Dive Site
Far Garden, Dive site
Fisherman's Bank (Jackfish Alley / Stingray Alley), Dive site
Flasher Reef, Dive site
Gabr El Bint, Dive Site
Giftun Seghir Dive Site
Gordon Reef, Dive site
Green Hole Dive site
Jackson Reef, Dive site
Kilo 15 South Dive site
Kilo 37 North Dive site
Koshkasha, Dive site
Lighthouse, Dive Site
Maklouf Dive site
Mangrove Bay Dive site
Nabeq, Dive Site
Near Garden, Dive site
Over the Hill / Ras Atantur Bay, Dive Site
Paradise / Fiasco, Dive site
Pinky's Wall, Dive site
Ras Nasrani (Raz Nasrani), Dive site
Ras Um Sid, Dive site
Ras Za'atir (Ras Atar), Dive site
Rocky Island: East Coast Dive site
Rocky Island: North Coast Dive site
Rocky Island: South Coast Dive site
Safaga 1 / Kilo 32 North Dive site
Sataya / Dolphin Reef Dive site
Shaab Abu Ramada / The Aquarium Dive Site
Shaab Sharm Dive site
Shaab Umm Qamar Dive Site
Shag Rock Dive Site
Shark Bay , Dive site
Shark Observatory, Dive site
Sheikh Maalek Dive site
Sinafar Island, Dive site
Sirena Beach Dive site
Siyul Kebira Dive site
Siyul Seghira Dive site
The Alternatives / Stingray Station Dive Site
The Bells, Dive Site
The Brothers: Big Brother Dive site
The Brothers: Little Brother Dive Site
The Canyon, Dive Site
The Carnatic Wreck
The Caves, Dive Site
The Chrisoula K Wreck
The Giannis D Wreck
The Islands, Dive Site
The Small Crack Dive Site
The Temple, Dive site
Thomas Reef , Dive site
Tower, Dive site
Turtle Bay, Dive site
Umm Qamar Dive Site
Umm Usk Dive Site
White Knight, Dive site
Woodhouse Reef, Dive site
Zabargad Dive site

Dive Sites Egypt