Dive Sites Jordania
Dive Sites Jordania

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Dive Sites In Jordania

In this part of Scuba Diving Point you will find information about the many dive sites located in Jordan. Jordan is a comparatively small nation located on the Arabian Penninsula. Parts of the Dead Sea and the Jordan River are located in Jordan, and the country also has a small coastline along the Gulf of Aqaba. The Gulf of Aqaba is one of two major gulfs formed by the Sinai Peninsula's bifurcation of the Red Sea. The Gulf of Aqaba is found east of the Sinai Peninsula, while the Gulf of Suez is located to the west of the peninsula.

Due to the geography of Jordan, all the dive sites are situated very close to the mainland. If you choose to go on a boat dive you will still visit the same dive sites as those who enter the water from shore. Boat dives, and especially live aboards are still very popular, partly due to the comparatively undeveloped tourism sector in Jordan that can make it hard to find suitable hotels in some parts of the country. The undeveloped tourism sector in Jordan also means that the dive sites in this part of the Red Sea is much less frequented than for instance the Red Sea dive sites that can be reached from Egypt.

The Gulf of Aqaba is 170 kilometres long, but the average width is no more than 15 kilometres. It is very deep and a large part of it is beyond the scope of humans; the greatest depths reaches down 1,800 metres below the surface. The Jordan coastline features coral reefs, sandy bottoms, large sea-grass beds, mud bottoms and rocky bottoms. The dive sites will often offer deep walls, gardens and canyons. Over 500 fish species have been found in this area and there exists 158 known coral species. If you want to see Whale Sharks, you should ideally plan your Jordan scuba diving vacation to June or July. February is the preferred month for Manta lovers. 

Beginners as well as experienced divers can find suitable dive sites in Jordan. The wreck diving enthusiasts can explore several wrecks along the Jordan Red Sea coast, including the “Cedar Pride”. The experienced deep diver might wish to visit the area close to the Saudi border where you can explore deep walls that was only very recently discovered by scuba divers. At the dive site known as “The Drop Off” you will be really close to the Saudi Arabian border, but any expeditions into Saudi Arabian territory are highly unadvisable. The top of the reef at this dive site begins at 5 metres and the reef top goes on roughly 30-40 metres seaward at a depth of 10-20 meters. You can enjoy a large wall of great looking coral that reaches down to a depth of roughly 50 metres. If you want to look into small caverns you can find them at approximately 30 metres, and this is also where you can expect to see plenty of really big plate corals. The fauna at this dive site includes turtles, really big groupers, rays that live at the sandy bottom and large groups of shoaling fish, e.g. Tuna fish and Jack Dempsey. Sharks are also known to occasionally venture into this area.

Jordania Dive Sites:

Cedar Pride Wreck

Dive Sites Jordania