Professional Scuba Diving
Professional Scuba Diving

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Professional Scuba Diving

The term professional diving is often used interchangeably with the term commercial diving. Professional diving can refer to many different types of diving, and also include non-scuba diving. Professional diving can be similar to recreational diving, but it can also be very different and require special equipment rarely used by recreational divers. Professional diving is often subjected to more rigorous safety legislation than recreational diving and the range of underwater activities performed by processional divers is very diverse.

The type of professional diving that most of us encounter is of course the professional scuba diving instructors. Dive instructors will typically have gone through special certification through a diving organisation such as PADI or NAUI. The marine and other military branches can also train and employ their own professional diving instructors, and governmental organisations, companies and private organisations sometimes educate their own dive instructors.

As mentioned above, professional diving is often subjected to more rigorous safety legislation than recreational diving and professional divers often perform tasks that would be highly perilous for the untrained recreational diver. Professional diving is often necessary during construction work, such as bridge building and harbour creations. Professional divers are also employed by oil and gas production companies to maintain offshore oil rigs and underwater pipelines. Two specialised forms of professional diving are so called Hazmat diving and Nuclear industry diving. Hazmat divers works in the presence of hazardous materials, e.g. explosive, biohazardous or toxic compounds. Nuclear industry divers are a specialised group of Hazmat divers trained to work in radioactive conditions.

The Military needs a lot of professional divers in their line of work. Military diving is performed by the armed forces and can include combat diving as well as other forms of professional diving. Naval diving will typically include boat and ship inspections, underwater cleaning and maintenance work, mine clearance and demolition of unexploded ordnance, vessel salvage, and standard military investigation work and protection of territory.

In the civil society, professional diving is necessary to carry out police work and rescue missions. Professional divers employed by the police, or a similar entity such as the fire brigade, will save lives and protect the environment and property in the case of underwater accidents. Professional divers employed by the police department are typically sworn police officers and are permitted to arrest submerged suspects underwater, seize property, collect evidence, recover sunken bodies, and carry out other forms of traditional police work.

Private entities as well as organisations such as universities will sometimes employ professional divers. Professional divers can for instance explore sunken wrecks for archaeological research projects or investigate underwater ecosystems as marine biologists. Media diving is also an important part of the work field for professional divers. Underwater photography and film making brings the underwater world into our living rooms and will hopefully enrich us with a greater understanding of these marvellous parts of our planet.

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Professional Scuba Diving