Dive Sites Sudan
Dive Sites   Sudan

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Dive Sites In Sudan

The Red Sea is a much appreciated destination among scuba divers. A vast majority of the scuba trips to the Red Sea go to Egypt, since Egypt has a long tradition of mass tourism. A lot of the other African and Asian countries with Red Sea coastlines are however today developing their tourist sector and welcoming scuba divers. This gives us an exclusive chance to explore dive sites where few divers have been before us. Sudan is one example of such a destination. Many people, scuba divers as well as other tourists, never even realise that Sudan could be a viable option for their next vacation. The truth is however that Sudan has a lot of offer its guests.

Along the Sudan Red Sea coastline you can explore dive sites such as Sanganeb, the Wingate Reef, Sha'ad Su'adi and Sha'ab Rumi/ Sha'ab Rumi South Point. The Sanganeb dive site consists of a large coral reef featuring a remarkably rich collection of soft corals. The drop-offs have caves and gullies to explore. If you make a deep dive, you can encounter Hammerhead sharks. The Sanganeb reef is located near the renowned Sanganeb lighthouse that was built by the British.

The Wingate Reef is not only a beautiful coral reef teaming with marine life; it is also an excellent site for wreck divers. In 1940, the Italian freighter Umbria sunk here on June 9, the day before Italy officially went to war. Umbria was carrying more than 300,000 bombs and other supplies for the Italian troops and was headed for East Africa. We still do not know why Umbria sunk. According to one legend, her own captain sacrificed her since he believed her valuable cargo would otherwise fall into the hands of Great Britain. You can find Umbria at a depth of 35-40 metres.

Sha'ad Su'adi is where you will find the wreck of Blue Bell. Blue Bell is a modern cargo ship that rests keel-side up. The depth varies from 15 metres to 70 metres. While diving around Blue Bell, you might encounter Tiger Sharks. 

Sha'ab Rumi is not visited mainly for its marine life, but for its marine historical value. In 1963, Jacques Cousteau chose this spot as the base for one of his research projects regarding the coral life of the Red Sea. When you dive at Sha'ab Rumi, you can visit what is left of the underwater base that Jacques Cousteau and his team used. The base looks almost like a metal flying saucer and is today well encrusted. Sha'ab Rumi South Point on the other hand is famous for its marine flora and fauna. The dive will typically start at the top of a coral formation. While diving Sha'ab Rumi South Point you can for instance encounter sharks and large congregations of Barracuda. Be careful, since strong currents are common here. There is an enclosed lagoon in the area where night dives take place.  

It can be hard to find a direct flight to Sudan, and most scuba divers will therefore fly via Egypt. It is a good idea to contact a dive operator in advance, since they will help you arrange a tourist VISA.

Sudan Dive Sites:

The Blue Belt Wreck

Dive Sites Sudan