Scuba Diving USA
Scuba Diving USA

Scuba Diving In The USA

In this section of Scuba Diving Point we have gathered information about scuba diving in The USA. We have however decided to place information about all the Mexican scuba diving destinations in the section named “Scuba diving in Central America”, regardless of whether they are located south or north of the Isthmus of Tehuantepec. 

The North American continent offers a myriad of diving opportunities, but when we talk about scuba diving in The USA we often think about typical holiday regions such as Hawaii or the coasts of Florida and California. North America will however offer a much wider range of dive opportunities for the interested scuba diver. In this section of the articles library we aim to offer tips and guidelines not only for the most well known North American dive destination, but for all the less frequented places as well – including freshwater dive sites.

A very exotic destination for divers interested in scuba diving in The USA is of course Alaska. Yes, you will need a good wet suit during the summer and preferably use a dry suit for ice diving. If you for instance choose to visit the Eldorado narrows dive site in Resurection Bay Seward, you can expect a water temperature between 45 - 65° F (7 - 18° C). Enduring a little cold water is however truly worth it, since Alaska offers pristine marine environments. In the Lynn Canal, the visibility will often be up to 100 feet (30 metres). The Alaskan waters are very rich in oxygen and nutrients and the marine life includes such fascinating creatures as the huge Ling cods, curious Stellar Sea Lions and large octopuses. Catching Dungeness crab and scallops is a popular pass time among divers and is permitted 12 months a year. Non-Alaskan residents can need a fishing license in some cases, but such a license is easily obtained. In the Lynn Canal you will not only experience outstanding visibility and fascinating marine life, you can go wreck diving in Princess Sophia as well. The stern is located deep down at 120 feet (37 metres), while the upper end is found at a more accessible debt of at 65 feet (20 metres). Spear fishing pacific cod and sea bass is popular around Princess Sophia. The wreck buff should also check out three other shipwrecks that sunk not far from Princess Sophia: Princess Kathleen, State of California and Clara Nevada.

If you long for warmer waters, you can take a trip to Northern Carolina on the eastern U.S. coast. Northern Carolina is especially popular among wreck divers that want to go scuba diving in The USA, since the offshore area along the North Carolina Outer Banks is known as the “Graveyard of the Atlantic”. In this limited area, you will find more than 1,000 shipwrecks. The oldest ones are schooners that sunk during the 17th century and these are usually federally protected due to their historical value. This does not mean that you can not explore them during your dive; divers are usually allowed as long as they do not touch anything. Picking souvenirs is naturally prohibited. The Gulf Stream makes the Northern Carolina climate quite pleasant year round and you can expect an average water temperature around 80° F (27° C) during the summer season. Popular dive sites include Roanoke Island with its submerged Civil War forts and Avon that features the northernmost coral reef in the world. As mentioned earlier, the Northern Carolina coast is a ship graveyard and you can dive ships such as the federal gunship USS Huron, the freighter Metropolis, the tugboat Explorer, the tanker Marore, and the British carrier Empire Gem who was torpedoed by a German u-boat during World War II.

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